The nose Blinks and the lights on the antlers are red.
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Here's how it looks on a human.
Here's how "The Santa Reindeer Hat" looks on a Deer.

Is this cool, or what!

Don't forget the red lights on my antlers light up!
The guy above me doesn't know how to wear this hat. Notice I have the hat just slightly above my eyes and the white ball of the trim just to the side of my right ear.
        Merry Christmas!
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Storage: It's easy to store the "Santa Reindeer Hat" from one Christmas Season to the next. The box size is 12"x10 1/2 "x 8"...easy to store. The antlers can be easily removed and placed as shown above fit nicely into the box .
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"Santa Reindeer Hat" as seen on the N.B.C. Today Show.